06 November 2009

In my galley today... Biscotti!

Today I did some baking for 'my boys'.  I am the only girl in a crew of four.  Last week I made a batch of biscotti and it disappeared before I could say 'boo'.  So this week I got crafty and cut them thinner so that hopefully they will last longer!  They are not the most enjoyable biscuit to make as I tend to make a huge mess when I make them, but they are a big favourite with my husband, so how could I not make them?  Secretly I think he was a bit disappointed that the other two boys really liked them as he was hoping to keep them all to himself.

This is what the biscotti look like after the first baking... you have to cut the slices like bread and then rebake them for a bit...

Look at that!  Beautiful pistachio, almond and chocolate biscotti ready to be devoured!

I also baked an Apple Muesli cake that I had to trick the boys into trying as they all turned up their noses when I mentioned apple.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo, but the boys loved it, and I got to use up some old apples that were floating around in my fridge.  I also got to take a trip down memory lane when I made this cake as it was a recipe from my Granny, and I remember having it in my lunch box in primary school!  It was sooo good, I can't believe this is the first time I have made it for myself.  My poor deprived husband informed me that he never had such decadent things as cakes when he was little... just bread and butter for him and his siblings...  However, he also told me that all he had to play with when he was little were some wooden pegs, and I think his Mom would have something to say about that!

If you want me to send you the biscotti recipe or the Apple muesli cake... just leave a comment with your email address and I will send it to you.

Arabella Chickie in Greece

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ChickieChirps said...

Yes please! You know where to find me... and just wait until I get hold of that young rooster you're married to! He's going to get his wings clipped!

April Blackbird (mother hen to said deprived third chickie...)