06 November 2009

Another "must-see" movie....

My little chickadee is actually a dolphin.  From a very early age we've been taking her to swim lessons, and now at the ripe old age of 2 and a half, she swims in the pool without me.  Five little cuties line up along the bar and the teacher takes turns to help them "paddle-kick" across the pool.  The five mummies stand beside the pool, fishing them out occasionally when they let go, and trying to make it through a whole lesson without getting drenched.

Anyway, it all started with the swim in the UK Huggies "Little Swimmers" have pictures of Nemo on the front.  She's been wearing them for ages, but all of a sudden Nemo has become flavour of the month.  Next we found a bath squirt toy, which has enjoyed both bathtime and become a favoured bed-buddy.  Then, daddy rooster bought her THE MOVIE!

It's a "must-see".....every least three times.  Yep, we're getting to know it by heart.  The really funny part is that chickadee now talks incessantly about Sydney, Australia and since uncle-chick is a dentist there's going to be hell to pay when she visits and finds he doesn't have a "Nemo-fishy" in his fish tank....hmmm.

Must go.  Fish fingers for tea....

Madame Cholet

PS:  Here's the link if you're looking for baby swim classes in South London:


ChickieChirps said...

Oh wow!!! Welcome Madame Cholet! We've been waiting for you to start chirping.

April Blackbird

Anonymous said...

Tee hee! I bet you know the whole movie by heart by now : )

Arabella Chickie

Anonymous said...

Hope those fishie fingers weren't Nemo?