29 January 2010

Virtual catch-up time... returning to 'normal'...

Whatever 'normal' might be! 

Well the holidays are done and dusted and we've had a fantastic time catching up with some of our family and friends 'in person' instead of virtually.  Skype is wonderful, but there's nothing quite like a real hug and cuddle and time spent chatting away into the wee hours of the night about things so many families take for granted.  I think these times are made ever more precious because we know they won't last and that we'll soon be having to put on brave faces for yet another airport farewell.

Oh well, I tell myself that each parting is just another step on the path to our next meeting.  If one doesn't keep one's eyes on the horizon one might easily lose the way. This is all just one big adventure!  Isn't it?  I know we have a visit from our Chicks in Palma to look forward to and we're all very excited at the prospect of spending time with the two of them!!!

Our 'UK' chickies have landed safely in their Wimbledon nest and all will soon return to 'normal' for them too.  My 'other-daughter' (don't like that 'in-law' word... too many negative connotations!) made the marathon run home to London on her own with the littlies.  Not a job for the feint-hearted.  Apparently, they were very good and the journey went well.  Needless to say, they are all exhausted and it will take them a while to reset their internal clocks.  It will help that it's still dark early/late.

Our preggie-chick is due to deliver very shortly now.  She's looking absolutely fantastic, but her feet are swelling in the heat now.  We're all debating on when bub will make an entry.  I'm putting my name down for Wednesday 3rd February.  Gender?  Well, that's a difficult one... I kept dreaming it was a little boy, but woke up this morning thinking it would be a girl and she would weigh 8lbs 4oz.  What do you think? I sure hope they have a name for a boy and a girl. We'll all be thrilled to have a healthy baby and nobody is at all fussed as to the gender.  Or when it will be delivered.  We're just trying to keep things 'light'.

There are heaps of photos to be posted after they've been resized and I promise to start posting some tomorrow morning.  Arabella Chickie in Palma... there are some lovely shots from NZ.  I've managed to sort most of them out now and have finished downloading the lot to my computer.

Oh, the mysterious malfunction of both our cars has finally been solved.  The coil needed replacing.  In both cars.  Yes, I am serious.  They inexplicably continued to go to sleep on us, in perfect unison, over the last two weeks.  This happened four times.  Fortunately, preggie-chicks 'other half' was able to loan us a car (for which we are extremely grateful) while all this drama played out.  Who would want to be driving through the Sydney tunnels with two wee chickadees on board in a car that couldn't be trusted to stay awake?  It's still one heck of a coincidence that they both fell asleep, at the same time, for the same reason.

My men are all back at work and I will be in full swing from Monday too.  Lots of marketing to be done for my other half and for myself.  I just need to get into the 'mood'...  to focus...  this post is my first attempt at that. 

April Blackbird

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