30 January 2010

Well now, that IS the question...

Arabella Chickie, I've been wondering about the Kindle question for quite a while now! 

It has many great applications, but the idea of being able to store thousands of books in one little space appeals to me no end. 

What appeals to me even more is the fact that a lot of the books can be 'read' to me while I do something else.  Staring at a screen all day leaves me with tired eyes and I'm hardly inclined to pick up a book and read after a day of reading online. My bookshelves are groaning with books I've got earmarked to read 'when I have time' and I'm just not getting to them... I'd much rather colour in Mandala's or do some knitting (still haven't finished the latest rug), or maybe even some sewing, but I could 'listen' with no problem.  I love listening to someone reading me a story.

Shades of listening to 'story time' on the radio when I was a child? I was always asking my 'oldies' to 'tell me a story'!  As young adults, travelling around Southern Africa, we used to 'listen in' to the 3pm 'story time' (for adults) on the radio everyday.  We were always sure to find a spot where we got good reception as we didn't want to miss out. 

Hey, I could even listen as I work during the day...  pure heaven. 

The new iPad sounds excellent too, but we'll have to wait and see how much 'books' cost in Australia before I would have a look at it (even Kindle and accompanying books might have to wait until I can shop in the UK or Europe!).  Not sure that iPad will 'read to me' though.  Does anyone know if it has that feature?  Should do as you can listen to music...

April Blackbird

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