28 January 2010

Cool quilt block... do you know what it is?

I love looking at all the amazing quilts out in blogland at the moment... There sure are some super talented quilters out there!  Some of my favourite colour combos and and quilts at the moment can be found on Cluck Cluck Sew and on Red Pepper Quilts.  These ladies really have an eye for colour and pattern and knowing what will go with what.  I also really love the simpler kind of designs that they use and the no fuss quilting... so stylish!

The other day I came across a quilt block in someone's quilt (I can't remember where I found it now) that looks a bit like this:

This was my attempt to recreate it in Powerpoint for future reference when I have my sewing machine around again.  I kind of like it... I envisaged it in a quilt with lots of white spaces.  I mocked up a version, but I'm not happy with the imbalance.  I think I will have to have another go, maybe with five blocks across instead of four or in another pattern altogether maybe.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows what this block is called? 

Happy Wednesday!

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca


Penny said...

It's called "Card Trick". It was included on the beginner's quilt course I took a few years ago.

This URL gives more information on how to make it:

ChickieChirps said...

Thanks so much Penny!