30 January 2010

Photos of New Zealand, as promised to Arabella Chickie

Well Arabella Chickie, I'm finally going to post those promised photos for you.  Some were taken by us, some by our UK Chickie in London (who might just be pursuaded to upload a few more of her stunning photos from the Coromandel if we ask nicely).

Lots more 'family photos to be posted on Facebook asap. Promise.

Mission Bay - New Year's Eve 2009

Takapuna Beach - Boxing Day 2009

Takapuna Beach - Boxing Day 2009

Compliments of grandad chickie

On the way down to Castor Bay beach

Early evening at Castor Bay beach

Do you recognise the view? Should do...

On a clear evening you can see forever...

A spectacular view from 'up top' - Whangarei Heads 

Up and out over your neighbour's house below!

Not long and you'll be able to take some truly stunning photos yourselves.  
April Blackbird

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ChickieChirps said...

Thanks April Blackbird! Those are some very familiar views! Not long now... we'll be heading home for a visit in March.