06 January 2010

Hello world, today I feel like sunshine...

I'm sure there's a song somewhere with words to that effect.

There's this tune that buzzes aimlessly about inside my head hoping to connect itself to the words that were actually written to go with it, but I don't remember them properly anymore.  I just know that I feel like sunshine today and the tune duly obliges by buzzing merrily alongside this feeling inside of me.

I am happy.  There, I've said it! We're just back from a holiday in New Zealand where the weather was unseasonably wonderful.  We had a truly brilliant time and I have lots of photos to share with you once I've got myself sorted out again. 

We didn't manage to catch up with all our friends as time ran away from us (funny how Christmas has that effect on time, isn't it?), but we did manage to catch up with all our Kiwi family.  We also stocked up on little cuddles from our littlest nestlings and are looking forward to showing our UK nestlings a little bit of Sydney shortly.

And... we have a baby due to hatch shortly. 

The sun is shining; we have a roof over our heads, a comfy bed to sleep on, clothes on our backs, food on our plates; our family is healthy, loving and considerate of others... how could I not feel like sunshine on a day like this?

And no, there was nothing in my coffee :)

April Blackbird

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