01 January 2011

Prague was a winter wonderland!

Happy New Year!!!!  We got back from Prague last night just in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with our lovely friends here.  We have done a tag team with Bookie Bird and her family and they are off to visit Santorini today while we man the boat this week.

Prague was beautiful... a real winter wonderland.  The Christmas markets were still running so the atmosphere was still festive, but it was freezing cold... we were frequently forced to stop our sight seeing walks to warm up in cafes with mulled wine!

These markets were right outside our hotel in the Old Town Square...

Here are a few photos from our walks around the city...

Arabella Chickie, Lavrio, Greece


Anonymous said...

OOOhhgg... SO beautiful, but soooo cold!!! Love that Christmas tree in the market and am ever so intrigued by the locks, what is it with that?

Great to know you're home safe and sound and not stranded in an airport somewhere :)

April Blackbird

ChickieChirps said...

Hmmm, chilly... But so beautiful. And how special to see these places without the crush of tourists.
You guys are stars surviving sightseeing in minus 15 degree temperatures....