27 December 2010

Off to Prague!

Well Christmas is over and it was lovely spending it with friends.  We unexpectedly did not have to work Christmas day, so we all got to go out to have Christmas lunch in a very atmospheric local Greek taverna.  It was lovely not to have to worry about cooking and cleaning!  

Apparently it is not a Greek custom to wear Santa hats and pull crackers at Christmas time, so our group of 8 (and a half) was the focus of the restaurant... especially when we handed out crackers to some of the kids in the room and then told them what to do with them.  We even made some new friends and have a coffee date with a lovely Greek family on New Years Day!

Tomorrow my husband and I are off on a mini holiday to Prague which I have heard is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  I will tell you all about it when I get back!  At this stage I am just hoping that I will have a bit of relief from the horrendous allergies I have been suffering from here lately.  

Happy Holidays!

Arabella Chickie, heading to Prague!

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Anonymous said...

Parsley and garlic capsules taken 3 times a day will definitely help with the allergies... my heart goes out to you!!! My nose has been running perpetually! And my eyes itch.

Love your story about the crackers hats :) - love it even more that you've made new friends!

Enjoy Prague, we're all looking forward to hearing all about it and to seeing the photos.