21 January 2011

A homemade light box for small item photography

The other day I tried to make myself a light box using the an online tutorial so that I could get better lighting on detailed photos of things like my cards and crochet bits and bobs.  The tutorial I used from Strobist was great and really easy to follow.  My box turned out really well, but I made it too small, so I have to start over with a bigger box.  I also need to buy myself a cheap bright lamp from Ikea to use with it next time I get around to making the trip up there.

I snapped a quick picture of a couple of Matryoshka dolls from a set I just purchased on our trip to Prague...

Just looking at this picture, I think I might try and pick up two lamps so I can light it from both sides...

Arabella Chickie in Lavrio, Greece

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