08 January 2011

A few quiet moments!

It's Saturday evening and hubby is bathing Chickie whilst I have a few quiet minutes to catch up with myself ...

We had a lovely relaxing 10 days at our beach shack at Killcare over the new year. The weather varied between extremely hot and rather cold, which was odd. Our respective parents each joined us for a few days, which meant that hubby and I got a few nice walks on the beach and even blew the dust off our kayak and took that out a couple of times! I also took every opportunity to sleep and after 10 days felt like I had finally caught up! But best of all, I read my first non-child, non-pregnancy, non-new mother book in over a year, and boy was that wonderful. It has always been my tradition to spend about 24 hours on the couch with a huge novel over the Xmas holidays and read it in one go, breaking only for food and toilet stops when absolutely necessary. Very decadent, but ever so satisfying. Admittedly this novel took a full 10 days to conquer and was interrupted by many, many calls to duty, but was even more satisfying for having been achieved in the end all the same!

We are now back home getting on with things. I've spent most of the week trying to get myself organised for work next month ... I'm going to have to snap out of the baby brain phase soon or its going to be a struggle!

Chickie is more delightful than ever. 11 months old now and growing up ever so fast. She is cruising around the furniture and now brave enough to 'leap' between two items. She will walk if you hold one hand, and can stand up and balance on her own, but not quite taking her own independent steps yet ... soon enough. She 'chat's away non stop and has quite a few clear words and is also making some animal sounds. Of course, given my profession, it fills me with tremendous awe (and relief) to witness first hand the progression of her language skills.

Well Chickie is now in my office busy tearing things apart rapidly, so I guess that signals the end of my time.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Ciao for now



ChickieChirps said...

gorgeous news! Well done little one!
Bookie Bird

ChickieChirps said...

Glad you two had a lovely break!