15 January 2011

Auctions for the Queensland Flood Appeal

People all over blogland are chipping in to help donate to the Queensland Flood Appeal.  Toni from Make it Perfect is organising a huge master list of online auctions to raise money to help some of the thousands of Australians that were affected by the huge floods of late put their lives back together.


Hop over to Make it Perfect to join in... there are some awesome auctions going on!

Arabella Chickie in Lavrio, Greece

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How wonderful is this?

Fantastic to see people all over the world helping. This huge disaster seems to have brought out the very, very best in humanity.

Aside from the looters!!! For whom we will all feel very 'sorry'... what awful lives they must be living if they feel they are entitled to benefit from other peoples misery.

So we will send the looters lots of love too. Perhaps they will have a consciousness raising and be inspired to be better people too.