24 December 2010

That gingerbread house...

NMC's post below says it all... we got the gingerbread house erected and duly decorated this morning! 

I promised to post some photos for our UK and Greece based chickies...  wishing you were with us and sending you lots and lots of love and best wishes for a blessed new year...
Our house in lollypop land... had to go on a tray so we can move it around easily and keep it ant free! Those are icicles you see dripping down and around everything... remember, it's snowing in lollypop land. And those are trees to either side of the house.  Candy trees and a Smartie path.

We even made a snow man... he has tooth pick arms and a scary grin to keep the ants away.
More snow later tonight... we weren't too sure that the humidity wouldn't make it disappear....  those marshmellows are rocks.

The view from the back! All those little sparkly bits are our Xmas lights.

We had heaps of fun and we're looking forward to baking some biscuits together next year.  The complaints department will be grown up enough to sit alongside us and help.  She was so cranky that we weren't feeding her all those brightly coloured goodies.  Wonder if she's going to make it through tomorrow without trying one???

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

This looks awesome! Well done you guys! Are you going to actually eat it? It looks too good to eat!


timjeni said...

wow! How fabulous!

Anonymous said...

We're definitely going to eat it! Had to dry the gingerbread out in the oven before we could glue it together with toffee and it smelt wonderful!

April B