16 December 2010

Have you got the latest version of Skype?

If you haven't, you should download it today.  

It's an incredible improvement on the previous version and best of all!!!!  You can do conference video chatting... which is why I was able to talk to (and see!!!) my UK and Greek chickies online, at the same time over the weekend! I keep grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat every time I think about it. 

Skype will give you a free 21 day trial!  A perfect Christmas gift, thank you Skype.

It's just in time to bring smiles to the faces of all of us with family and friends spread far and wide.  Yes, it's perfect for business too...  but, Christmas is never going to be the same for us again.  Our entire family will be able to 'visit virtually' for the first time ever.  (Don't forget to put it in your diaries guys!)

We can also give permission for the other parties to 'view our screens' - which means we can all watch each other's Christmas videos!  No more trying to post videos for each other.  We can watch and listen to them on the creators' computers.  

Now all I have to do is make sure my kids remember to video their littlies opening their presents.

Mark my words... before I die (which I'm not planning to do for at least another 40 years), we'll be visiting each other virtually in life size 3D!  Kind of like the old 'beam me up Scotty' call from Startrek!  It's going to make being so far away from those we care about so much easier!  

I am SO GLAD I am not my great-grandmother.  She had to rely on mail ships and the odd, extremely expensive and hard to come by, black and white photo to keep her in touch with her overseas family.  News of 'hatches, matches and dispatches' came by way of the telegram, at great expense.  

So, onwards and upwards in the great technology race!  May all those whizz kids out there be truly inspired! I am so looking forward to seeing what you come up with.  

April Blackbird

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ChickieChirps said...

Will do! Thanks for the heads up! I did see this article recently about 3D holograms (like Princess Leia in Star Wars) being a possibility...

This one is also interesting - about teleporting!

Might be a few years yet before it can be done without ending up a mere pile of 'former' person.

Bookie Bird