06 July 2010

Food for thought # 3

I've had this abstract thought for quite some time and I've been checking with my friends... seems I'm the only one around who wonders about things like this, so I thought I'd check with 'all' of you out there.

If someone were to make a film about your life, what music would it be set to?

I told you this is an abstract thought!  Anyway, it should give you some food for thought.

I'd love to hear what you come up with... 

I've sat listening to the music played at some of the funerals I've attended and I couldn't help but wonder whether the 'dearly departed' would have approved of it.  Did it typify their lives?  Did it have some specific significance?  Does it resonate in some way with their souls?  Heaven only knows I can never listen to 'Rock Of Ages' without thinking of my maternal grandmother humming tunelessly to herself as she hovered over her boiling pots.

Personally, I'm rather keen on a huge symphony of various wind instruments blended skillfully alongside the fey tinkling of piano keys.


ChickieChirps said...

Hhhmmmm, I'd like Chopin with a bit of Beethoven and some of my favourite pop/rock songs interspersed.

Arabella Chickie

Anonymous said...

Anything other than those bloody lullabies I listen to every day!

New Mum Chick

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking something haunting like Jewell - 'Life Uncommon'. It's a beautiful, beautiful song. Or perhaps Adagio or Andrea Bocelli.
What an interesting concept though.
I went to a funeral in Australia recently and the finale was played...The goon show classic.."Ying tong, Ying tong, Ying tong..."
One of the deceased's favourite songs!
Bookie - bird

Anonymous said...

Okay chickies... I'm so laughing out loud now! There was a time when my family sang, 'row, row, row you boat, gently down the stream...' perpetually. I'd forgotten about it until now... then there was the time when this irritating tune 'zooty, zoot, zooty, zoot, zooty, zoot, zi', was STUCK in my head for about a month... love to you all. April Blackbird