02 July 2010

Food for thought # 2

Do you know that many families today live on just that?  The thought, of food.  Hard to believe when our shops are filled with choice and our shopping baskets overflow. There are people 'out there' that are constantly hungry.

We live in such a wasteful society and I have to say that each time I throw out 'spoilt' food I feel a deep sense of shame.  Which might explain my weight issues.  I am unable to leave food on my plate.  Ever.  I keep hearing my mum's recriminations ringing in my ears... 'there are so many children starving in this world and yet you waste the food on your plate'.  I have to get rid of that imprint!

I wanted to share something I watched on TV this week...There's a young man running a campaign that you might have heard of already.  Live below the line - eat for $2 a day (or less).

Not only is he eating for less than A$2 a day, he's also cycling to work and back. Needless to say, I'm impressed and am seriously considering joining his challenge.

You can join the challenge from the 2-6th August. Whether or not you do, I'm pretty sure you'll think twice next time you begin your shopping.

Last, but definitely not least...There's a group of people in Australia who have set up OzHarvest and they collect excess and left over food from shops, restaurants and hotels etc.  They do an amazing job!  Without them many would go hungry. I know this concept isn't unique to Australia.  I still think it's pretty brilliant. 

Now I'm off to cook my family a hearty meal that will stick to their bones.  It's cold out.  

April Blackbird


Anonymous said...

Vital projects to support. Along with the chickies who support their local homeless here in Mallorca by donating dinner leftovers at the end of the lane.
It would be fabulous to equalise the haves and the have-nots.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps if enough of us believe the dream is possible it will become a reality. Given time, anything is possible.