07 July 2010

Don't worry about us, we have huge liferafts!

We have just had our annual onboard safety equipment check and as part of that our liferafts were inflated and checked for holes etc...   I had no idea they were so huge!  For a crew of 4 with a maximum guest capacity of 11 we have two 16-man liferafts and one 8-man liferaft!  So don't worry about us sinking.... we're covered!

This is one of our 16-man liferafts with the food and water rations and other important bits and pieces we might need if we have to abandon ship.

The sachets are water, and the white blocks are the food (mmm... looks good huh?).  I guess any food would look good if you were lost at sea for a day or two.  There are also flares, a fishing line and lure, a first aid kit, scissors, a bailer, insulation blankets, an epirb, a manual pump (in case the liferaft starts to deflate) and a radar reflector.  Now lets hope we never ever have to use these things.


Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca


ChickieChirps said...

Excellent, will not worry about you at sea while you're on board this yacht! I'm particularly chuffed about the epirb, radar reflector and the manual pump!

Have you guys had a go at trying to get into these life craft, fully clothed, from the sea? I've seen them doing their tests at Middle Harbour. I know I couldn't do it! My arms aren't strong enough... so, do you have rope ladders?

April Blackbird :)

Anonymous said...

You probably have the "luxury" version of the life raft ... lets face it, abandoning ship and being lost at sea is one thing, but you don't want to have to "rough" it at the same time!
NMC (New Mum Chick)

ChickieChirps said...

Yep, well smaller ones anyway and in a pool. I am sure it would be more difficult with waves though, but then you have the added adrenaline boost as well. The ladders are attached to the liferaft entrance, so that should help!

Anonymous said...

This will be almost like a luxury cruise with that much space! Yummy freeze dried foods... Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Beats camping in the desert, in a two man tent, with only tinned 'mystery balls' and tinned peas to eat....

April Blackbird