02 July 2010

The Stonesoup Free Ecookbook

I came across a link to the Stonesoup blog the other day when I was reading my usual blogs.  Jules Clancy is the author of the blog... She is a food scientist based in Sydney and did have a job as a chocolate biscuit designer (wow!  dream job...), but is now a full time blogger.  This is what she has to say about her blog:

"stonesoup is a blog about helping people become better home cooks by using a minimalist approach to cooking.
It’s about reducing the number of ingredients, the amount of equipment, the number of steps involved and the time we spend in the kitchen to a minimum so we can focus what’s important.
It’s about simple, wholesome, delicious food that is easy to prepare and still fun and satisfying to eat."
Just what we all need... It sounds perfect!  Jules has very generously published a free ecookbook based on this minimalist approach to cooking.  

Go here to download the book.
If you are interested in the inspiration behind the name Stonesoup, you may have heard of the Stone Soup fable (try reading about it here and here).  When Jules was a little girl, this fable inspired her to start cooking!  Read her story here.
Happy cooking!
Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca


Anonymous said...

Downloaded the book expecting 'one pot wonders' and am delighted to find it quite inspiring. :)

Lovely story, must say my mud cakes and stone pies never tasted quite so good.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! I shall add to my collection. Some delicious looking recipes and so so simple. Now I just need to start actually working my way through some of the thousands of recipes I have collected over the years!!

Anonymous said...

Of course I RACED to download this. Have yet to experiment, but very excited to do so!