19 October 2009

Spring cleaning!

Haven't had time to write over the weekend, I've been busy spring cleaning. Mmm.

There are those of us that truly believe that housework is an absolute waste of our time.  I do so agree, it's a thankless task that is never quite done! I would so much rather spend my time watching a great movie (anyone seen one lately?), or reading a good book, working in the garden or going for a walk on the beach.

Sad thing is that I have to confess that I dislike living in a dirty house even more than I dislike housework. 

Sydney has experienced two awesome dust storms in the past month.  The first much worse than the second.  We were actually woken by a strange taste in our mouths on the first day!  Truly.  Not a smell, a taste!. We sleep with our bedroom window open and the thick red fog that had seeped into our bedroom 'tasted' weird.  Imagine our surprise when we opened the blinds to peer outside!  We couldn't see to the bottom of our property,never mind the horizon. 

Those dust storms left a heavy layer of red sand over everything outside.  It took us days to clean our patios, windows, washing lines, garden furniture and cars etc.  That yukky red fog leaked through the windows and doors and left a layer of fine red sand on every surface.

Eventually, the rains came and washed the air clear again.  Outside was now clean (and the car washers had a bonanza!), but inside... well, that's another story.  So this weekend was spent spring cleaning!  We washed the carpets, the windows, the blinds, the cupboards, the lightfittings, the oven (not because it was dusty), even the walls. By last night our backs ached (my sweet husband helped me!) and we were sore in muscles we didn't ever even remember ever having had. 

The house is now clean.  Which is great.  Until the next dust storm arrives.

Thought I'd share these very useful tips with you (please don't ask me why I had to try them out... that's another long story):

1.  Rust marks on carpet - simply cut a lemon in half.  Gently squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the rust mark.  Leave for a little while. Use a clean white towel to pat up the moisture.  Repeat if necessary.  I had a very big rust mark (oh woe), which is now history.  I did use the entire lemon in the end, but the carpet has been unharmed.

2.  Red candle wax on carpet (don't ask!) -  lots and lots and lots of white paper towel,neatly folded in a thick wad.  A hot iron.  Apply hot iron to thick wad of paper towel.  Repeat until all the wax has been soaked up into the paper towel.  I was truly amazed at how well (and how quickly) this worked.  Especially as said carpet is white!

3.  You know how well Handy Andy removes scratches from motor cars?  Well, it does the same for scratches on your walls.  A little Handy Andy on the corner of one of those 'gentle pot scourers', rub (gently!), wipe with a clean cloth.  Scratch gone.

Do you have any handy hints you'd like to share? 

April Blackbird

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Anonymous said...

Great cleaning tips! I have used the wax one before, but not the rust or the scratches one.