15 October 2009

A little light relief from our curry loving UK chickies...

A little background info might help you understand all these references to 'curry'...  this particular brood of chickies have been close family friends for many, many years now.  They grew up with my chickadees in South Africa, went to the same university (Wits) and then flew off to perch in London.  

Long story short... two of our brood eventually joined them in London where they enjoyed many a curry dinner together.  As a result of 'favourite dishes' ordered (and some very bad instant curried noodles I believe), they now refer to each other by 'curried' nick-names. 

I have been given permission to share the latest email I received from LotusBlossom-Chick.

My chickies are finally over their bugs and are well again. 

Mega-Chick is loving school and has suddenly blossomed in personality. Think it must be to do with having to take some responsibility for herself and she’s found this deep pool of courage and conviction. 

Magook-Chick (aka RoganJosh-Chick) is keeping us very active. He finally got his first pair of shoes and within a week had dragged them through every puddle backwards and kicked every stone he could find and they look about 100 years old already. 

Curryball-Chick is now in the US for 2 weeks on a conference and working week with his team. Claims he misses us … I’m sure that’s for only the 2 mins he has to spare for himself each day. 

Fortunately MakeUp-Chick is around and helping me out … and for good measure has decided to paint our entrance hall! 

We should be seeing your BombayBadBoy-Chick and his brood for Halloween. Mega-Chick (aka ButterChicken-Chick) can’t wait to drag Potatie-Chick (aka Popadom-Chick) around the neighbourhood and create a sweet cache that will last well into the New Year. She’s going to be a witch this year and has false fingernails to put on which I think is the highlight of her year.


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