14 October 2009

The cutest Etsy find for babies!!!

I was flicking around Etsy the other day with baby things on my mind (my sister in law is having her first baby soon, and my other sister in law had her second one earlier this year) and I found the cutest ever, most beautiful rocking cradle!

Of course, it is a bit out of my reach pricewise, but so cool!

Here is the cradle...

and when the baby grows out of it, you can buy the conversion to make it into a little wagon...

Isn't that just gorgeous!  The shop is called Beaver Boatworks and you can read more about the rocking cradle here if you are interested and have a spare few thousand dollars.

Arabella Chickie in Greece


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That is dear! Wonder if it's water proof? That way we could at least use it as a tender when the kids grow up!

tooznie said...

OMG I want I want for me!!!!