24 October 2009

Oh I doooo like to be beside the seeeaaa!

One of the bonuses of being yacht crew is that we do get to see a lot of the seaside...

We pretty much never get sick of the water, even on long ocean trips.  Our longest so far has been 14 days on a sailboat between the Galapagos Islands and Tahiti.  The night watches are pretty amazing... phosphorescence in the water, the inky black ocean, all the stars so bright without city lights...

The water here in the Mediterranean is such an amazing colour...  just like the postcards.

The boat we are working on at the moment is a fairly large motor yacht (37m) that was built for speed.  Our current top speed is 55knots. although we were built to do 60knots.    Generally we travel top speed (or close to it) everywhere.

Arabella Chickie in Greece

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