11 October 2009

First Chirp to her Chickies by April Blackbird

Finally, we have a virtual visiting perch from which to chirp!

We're going to be sharing all those things that normal families and friends get to share at the kitchen table over a nice hot cuppa or a good glass of wine.

For the past 15 years we've been moving and travelling and working and growing in every direction - except apart!

Our family and circle of friends is ever expanding, as are our interests.  We're as diverse a brood as you ever could find...

Just so as you know... It's Sunday afternoon in Sydney, Australia and the sun is finally out.  It's been raining for days on end and the huge seas have washed away the beaches again. It's still not warm enough to dump the woolies, but the air is clear and I can see the (now) calm sea from the window besides my desk. The red dust from the huge duststorms we've experienced has finally been washed away. 

The flea jumps!

We're having Snapper for dinner!  Fresh from the sea!  My youngest  chick  has been out deep sea fishing with his friends and thanks to modern technology we know they've been lucky today!  They aren't always.  We'll be cooking it whole on the BBQ and eating it with fluffy mash potatoes, peas and salad.

The flea jumps again!

Found the cute hippy chickies on webweaver - love their clipart and images!

Time to fly! 

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