18 March 2010

Speeding Tickets and Avatar

So... our first day back in NZ and we were running a little late to a lunch date.  We pulled into the fast lane on the motorway to pass a truck and got the flashing red and blue lights behind us : (  Not a good start, but the cop didn't charge us too much... and it was probably a good reminder that the NZ police are about 100 times more vigilant about speeding than the European police (who really don't seem to care).  Ah well, we can consider that our contribution to crime fighting in NZ for the year.

On a better note, we went to see Avatar on the huge IMAX screen in 3D last night for the first time (because we didn't want to see it in Spain not in 3D and with subtitles).  It was awesome!  Such a good movie.  I wouldn't mind seeing it again not in 3D though at some point.

Anyway, gotta go to the dentist now. : (


Arabella Chickie in Auckland, New Zealand


ChickieChirps said...

I could ask who was driving, but I won't :) Eish.

Glad you liked Avatar, perhaps you'll go to Imax in Sydney with your 'other mother'? I'd love to see it sometime.

And... why the dentist? I'm scared to ask.


April Blackbird

ChickieChirps said...

Of course we'll go see Avatar again with you!

Dentist was almost all good. We try to go every time we come home. I was good (for once), my husband has a filling to be done today.