18 March 2010

Outfit reno!

Well, I decided to take a look at the contents of my rapidly depleting wardrobe this morning.  I don't want to go out and buy an outfit to wear to church on Sunday unless I absolutely have to. There has to be something that I can update/change and what do you know, there is.

Arabella might remember walking Auckland flat with me just before our UK chickies got married.  We eventually bought a lime green two piece outfit that I loved and my father hated.  When I'm finished with the cake this afternoon, my icing paraphernalia will make way for my sewing machine and overlocker.

I'm going to shorten the skirt from the top as the hem has some lovely detail I don't want to lose.  I'd like the skirt to sit just under my knees so it looks smart with high heeled sandals. That's the easy part.  The top needs some 'jazzy' buttons as I'm bored with the old ones and I need to lop off the sleeves at the elbows.  They were always just a little too long and I'm not that cracked on the way they've been finished off.  It shouldn't take too long and I'm happy to think that I'll be getting some more use out of the outfit after all this time.

Just by the way, the cake is morphing into something really pretty... I'm really happy with it.  One or two more little finishing touches and that will be that. It's been fun playing with icing again, but it has bought home to me the fact that my piping skills are zero now thanks to my 'sore' wrist.

Who'd like my icing nozzles?  Some are genuine antiques!

April Blackbird

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