12 March 2010

Great news!

Our Palma chickies are going to be making the marathon trip home this weekend.  It's going to take them 44 hours and I'm sitting here thinking that I'm very glad I'm not them.

Let's hope there are some good (new) movies for them to watch.  I have no idea which airlines they're flying on, but I do know they have a couple of stops along the way with a long stopover at Heathrow.

It will be interesting to hear their comments on the airlines when they have a chance to sit down again.  There are always 'hotspots' in the airports so Arabella might be persuaded to pass a running commentary on service, food, movies and that old 'dogbone' leg room.

On a separate issue, I'm in the process of icing the Christening cake.  The almond paste is on (thank you UK chickie) and the fondant will go on tomorrow.  I've pinched a tiny bit to make some very tiny, thin 'anonymous' flowers.  Coloured some very pale pink, yellow, blue and lavender.  Once I've finished with them I'll have to decide whether or not to make a few rose buds to go with them.  I'm running out of time as the Christening is next week and not the week after.

Talking of which, we have just discovered that we're going to have to battle the St Patrick's Day Parade crowd for parking in the city.  There are lots of road closures too...  the train is beginning to look quite appealing.

April Blackbird


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see a photo of the cake and the little flowers you are making!

ChickieChirps said...

Welllll, the cake has morphed. The process began when I decided to go with the white fondant icing... it's like arranging flowers in a bowl. I look at the cake and 'something' talks to me. Until that moment, anything can happen.

I'm saving all the little violets and the pale blue and yellow flowers (to be chucked out next time we have a heat wave?), and will only use the mauve, lilac, pink and white flowers. Decided not to 'thread' them either. Have given them all pearly white centres...

The cake isn't going to look like anything I'd originally intended, but it is going to be very 'cute'.

April Blackbird