12 April 2011

I'm Leeeeeaving on a Jet Plaaane!

Tomorrow my husband and I leave for our annual holiday back home in NZ!  It doesn't seem real yet as we have been so busy lately with taking the boat from Greece to Italy to France for the boat show, making it all look top notch for five days, and then coming back to Italy today.  

I have just spent the whole afternoon packing my bags... I hate packing.  Luckily I managed to fit in my 'can't live without' copic colours.  I have also charged up my ipod and Kindle and loaded both up with books and podcasts for our 10 hour stopover in Dubai (right before our 20-something hour flight to NZ - joy!).

I think I'm ready... I've even shopped for more card bases to arrive when I get home so I can keep right on crafting!

Have a lovely week as I don't think I will be back here until Thursday for the next Little Miss Muffet Challenge!

Arabella Chickie in Imperia, Italy


Alice said...

have a safe and fun trip! =)

Anonymous said...

Travel safely, chickadees!

NMC and her family leave today for the UK and Europe too. They'll fly into London where they'll remain at the airport for a few hours before boarding a plane to Austria.

Such a very, very long trip... it will be interesting to get her feedback on flying such a long haul with a very busy (and VERY sociable) little toddler.

See you in NZ on Saturday :)

We are so blessed!


ChickieChirps said...

Brilliant. You guys have a wonderful trip, and armed with Kindle and Copics, you'll be entertained beautifully.
Travel safely and I'll look forward to 'seeing' you here when you get back in comms.