14 April 2011

The chicks have landed safely in their respective roosts

Arabella and her Chicco have arrived safely in Auckland, New Zealand after a very, very long flight. No doubt, Arabella will fill us in on all the details when she gets a moment.

New Mum Chic and her family are safely ensconced in a 'quirky' (her words, not mine) apartment in Vienna.  Their marathon flight from Sydney to Austria via Melbourne, Hong Kong and London went as planned.  They don't have the stroller, that's still in Hong Kong, but if that's all that went wrong then one can't really complain. 

From what I can gather from the texts I've received, bub was really good.  Slept (crammed into the little bassinette) well, enjoyed playing with mummy and daddy and charmed everyone around her.  NMChic can tell us more later.

So, I am much relieved and very grateful, to know my family have flown around the world safely. 

We leave on the 7am flight for Auckland tomorrow... to say the least, I am excited.  Can't wait to catch up with our 'Kiwi family' and friends again. 

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

Thrilled to hear that NMC and her little family are safe and OF COURSE her little chick entertained and charmed! They say that's the trick so then IF they cry later in the flight, they've already made lots of friends!
Have a beautiful time in Auckland and have lots of hugs.
I'm about to wing my way back to Greece, so it's a bit busy out there in the skies! It feels nice knowing Arabella and her Chico are close by for a few days though.... :)


Anonymous said...

Special hugs to you and yours. Hope your trip back went well and you're all rested and relaxed again.