03 April 2011

Happy Birthday Arabella!

Each one of these little balloons is a symbol of the many birthday wishes we're sending your way, on your special day!

Enjoy your day, we're looking really forward to being able to celebrate it with you soon... not long now.

Love & best wishes for a spectacular year.

All of 'us' downunder.

P.S.  Do you know that today is one of the most important days on the Astrological calendar?  It's the Astrological 'New Year'!  So, Happy New Year to you and yours.  

May this New Year bless you with good health, love and friendship, plenty to keep your hands and mind busy, prosperity and most of all... PURE JOY. Which should cover all fronts.


April Blackbird 


Alice said...

Happy Birthday, Arabella!! hope you have the most wonderful day!! =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Arabella! Been thinking of you today and hope you are having a wonderful day. Is that hubby of yours spoiling you with something special?

ChickieChirps said...

Thank you ladies for the birthday wishes! I am having a lovely relaxing day. I was spoiled with poached eggs and coffee and my sweet husband even made me a card!!!

Barbara Sproatmeyer (LM2) said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! :D