15 October 2009

Photos from last year's Sculptures By The Sea - Sydney, Australia - as promised!

Photos as promised!  Eventually!  Last year's Sculptures By The Sea was a fantastic event.  There were so many incredible entries and so much 'inspiration'.

It's wonderful to see so many people enjoying the offerings of these talented artists, but to anyone anticipating going... go early in the morning.  While it's still cool and the crowds are still in bed!  It gets a bit difficult to walk on the pathways along the cliffs by lunch time.  It's also very difficult to find a legal parking by mid-morning...

If you want to see a larger version of these photos, just 'click' on one.

My favourite by far... the bird like creation that moved in the wind... there was such a lot of intricate work in that sculpture, the 'wings' flapped gently in the breeze and the whole thing moved on its axis.

These are a few of the other entries that grabbed my attention.










Looking forward to this year's event.

April Blackbird

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