13 October 2009

Linen for our, as yet unhatched, chickadee's bassinette.

This weeks task = find suitable material to line the nest of our littlest chickadee.

Mummy-to-be-chickie was given a sheet by the lovely person who sold them their pram, but one is simply not enough.

I've fair given up with trawling the aisles of our local shops and Cabramatta is too far away (although I love going there, it's such a unique experience...).  Had a look at the piles of unused linen in my cupboards and reckon those embroidered pillow cases are about to find a life they were never meant to know.

I've piles of carefully hoarded old lace and ribbons in my kist... I love the old and romantic notions of beautifully finished linen, which is why I've hung onto everything through 2 major (country) moves and eight house moves.  Have also found a great online store to supplement my stocks if I should ever run out... take a look at Lace and Beyond, they have everything from the traditional to the colourful.

Double tucks, ribbon edged seams... I'm getting carried away again.  Might have to soak everything in a very weak solution of black tea to get it all one colour though.

I'll post photos of the finished objects once I eventually get that far.  If anyone has any good suggestions about making baby linen, please let us know by commenting below.  Love to hear from you.

My sewing machine and over-locker don't have a permanent place to stand so I have to take over the dining room table when I sew.  Not a major issue for most, but I'm a dreadfully messy 'sewer'.  Might be all my containers of buttons and cottons and what-have-you notions... and the 'instruction' books that have to be open nearby because it's usually so long ago that I used my machines that I have forgotten what goes where!

More later... if I want to get to the shops today I'd better get out and about.  The battery was flat yesterday!

April Blackbird

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Arabella Chickie in Greece said...

Ooo! I just had a look at Lace and Beyond and I LOVE the guipure daisy trims and the ric rac (although i like cotton ric rac best) and the velvet ribbons!