30 October 2009

Cute Baking Tools and Other Stuff

I just have to show you one of my most recent purchases (not fabric or stamps for once). It is these supercute measuring cups from Fred and Friends!!!

I haven't actually seen them in person yet since I got my friend to pick them in the US while she was there recently on business, but she sent me a photo...  I love them!

I think they would be great for when your kids (or nephews and nieces and godchildren in my case) help out in the kitchen.  I'm very pro teaching kids to to cook and bake from young.  I have great memories of 'helping' Mum in the kitchen when I was little. Have you noticed these days that a lot of people under the age of 40 don't really like to cook much?

While my friend was on business in the States, she seemed to manage to fit in quite a bit of shopping time (my kind of business trip!).  She picked up these Copic markers for me... 

I can't wait to try them out on my cards.  I have heard they are really awesome for colouring in stamps and things.

And, she also bought me these lovely stamps and cute Amigurumi book!!!  We're both hooked on Amigurumi, so we are teaching ourselves (or at least trying to) how to crochet so we can make some.

Let me know if you buy any Fred's M-Cups!  I won't be seeing mine until about February next year, so would love to see them in action in someone elses kitchen... or galley.


Arabella Chickie in Greece

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Nancy said...

oh my gosh! Babooshka measuring cups....ahh I think I'm in heaven

:) :)