11 October 2009

A Chirp from the Chickies in Greece

We are one set of Chickies (a Chickie and a Chickie-in-law) who normally live in Auckland, New Zealand, but for the last four years have been working in the superyacht industry and travelling around the world. 

We are currently working on a motor yacht based in Greece.  Our roles are Manager and Chef/Stewardess.  This is the first superyacht job we have had where we have had a base and been able to have our own apartment rather than living on the boat! 

This is the view from our apartment...

The funny thing about Greece is that there are a lot of really run down looking buildings...  It does add to the charm though.  Lavrio, the town we live in, is about an hours drive South East of Athens and is definitely in need of some repair.  When we first got here in May, we were wondering what we had got ourselves into, but we are starting to get to know the place now.  It seems to be an up and coming area, so in a few years time it will probably be a pretty cool place.  It is the closest port to the islands from the mainland, which is why we are here.

We thought the summer was nearly over, but this last week has been gorgeous here.  We have friends coming to visit us in November, so hopefully the weather will stay lovely for them. 

This is a view from where our boat is docked...

And this is that same cottage in the photo above up close and personal.... See what I mean about things being a little bit run down here?

Well that's our first post from Greece.  We have tons more photos to share from our travels.  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Do you look at these abandoned houses and wonder who built them and why they left?

ChickieChirps said...

Absolutely! There are actually heaps of abandoned buildings halfway through being built that really confused us when we first arrived.