08 November 2010

Pottery painting memories...

It's almost exactly three years ago (give or take a month) that our UK chickie took Arabella and I with her on a pottery painting expedition.  Now I can picture that shop quite vividly (we spent the best part of the day there in the end) and I remember the fun we had drinking good coffee and scoffing yummy cookies while we painted our pottery, but I can't remember what the suburb was called... just remember it was somewhere in London.  Sigh.

Arabella painted the beautiful penguin below and I'm not sure she ever got to see the results of her work so I took some photos of said penguin while I was visiting my UK chickies last month.  The photos aren't as good as I would have liked, but I think you'll all agree this is one gorgeous little penguin chick.  Just look at those eyes!

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

Oh, it's Peggi! I remember her!


Anonymous said...

She is much loved and has pride of place on the book shelf!

Just have to watch that she doesn't get 'loved to death' as some other ceramic folk have ;0

April Blackbird

Pottery Painting Parties said...

Nice art, very creative..