11 November 2010

A quick trip to NZ

We've just returned from a week in New Zealand's beautiful South Island. Hubby had a conference to attend in Christchurch, which always seems like an excellent excuse for me to have a holiday!  It was wonderful returning to Christchurch (I studied there many moons ago) and being able to do some of the things I couldn't afford as a student ... such as eating in a real restaurant and (highlight of my trip) having a punt on the Avon river on a glorious sunny afternoon. Chickie particularly enjoyed that experience though I had to hold on to her for dear life ... she refused to acknowledge that a swim in the River Avon at her age would actually be a bad thing! Off course the exchange rate was in our favour, so I managed to justify a spot of shopping too!

After a few days in Christchurch we went on to Lake Tekapo, Wanaka and then flew home from Queenstown. I forgot just how beautiful that part of the world is, and hubby was quite taken with it all (having never been to the South Island).  We managed to eat lots of delicious seafood (incl those delicious NZ mussels) and drink many fabulous Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs, my favourite tipple by far. Chickie traveled well though was extremely tired all week. I had bought her a Baby Bjorn Light travel cot prior to the trip ... it only weighs 5 kilos and is super easy to put up and pack away. Best thing I have bought ... Chickie adored it. I had concerns that it might be a little on the small side, but she loves to be in tight spaces, so insisted on snuggling up into the corners of the cot and was really content. It meant that despite staying in several different apartments over the week Chickie always had her same cot for the night. It was a bit of a drag having to keep packing and unpacking all our stuff though, and boy did we (Chickie) have a lot of stuff! We decided that next time we go on a 'road trip' we will rent a camper van (large) so we only have to unpack once!

Despite having a really wonderful holiday I was quite pleased to get home last night, and so was Chickie. Best of all, today she got to see Granny April Blackbird and boy was she excited. I think April Blackbird was very relieved to know that Chickie had remembered who she was!

Well my body is still on NZ time hence it thinks its now midnight and I'm struggling to stay awake! Time for bed.

I will try and get very clever and insert some photos later when they have been downloaded off the camera!

New Mum Chick


ChickieChirps said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! What a beautiful part of the world it is.
Love the travel cot idea... I'm looking one up right now. Our little man is now travelling all over his cot and quite the vocal little thing when it comes time to sleeping. I'm going to have to get to studying how to get those nap times a little more regular! Food, toys, life, it's all so exciting!
Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was relieved to find she hadn't forgotten me while I'd been away! Mostly, I was overjoyed at the pure delight she expressed when she saw me. We had a ball getting to know each other again. Our littlest chickadee has grown even taller and very slim again (must be all that speed crawling she's doing) and continues to insist on 'standing' everywhere.

There is very little as enchanting in life as watching our little ones as they progress through life's stages.

April Blackbird