24 November 2010

Inspired by a wee gnome...

I am really enjoying this crocheting thing... It is so easy to make your own creations come off the page and into 3D.  Recently I came across I a little picture of a clay gnome I had saved  from Etsy (for just that reason) and was inspired to make a crochet gnome.

Here is my inspiration picture...

When I saved this picture to my "Sewing Ideas and Inspiration" folder, I wrote that it was Wee Gnome from Beas Wees on Etsy, but I can't find it or the seller anywhere there now.

Here is my crochet version... Her name is Gunilla Gnome.  Gunilla is a little bit shy, but she can be quite chatty once she gets to know you.  Her job in the World of Gnome is to paint the spots on ladybirds.

Okay, so Gunilla is really nothing like the inspiration version, but I love how she turned out so much that I have decided not to give her away (she was going to be a gift for a new baby girl).  As with most of my crocheted toys, she has moveable arms sewn on with buttons... and actually now that I think about it, buttons probably are not that suitable for a baby anyway so she will just have to stay here with me and I will have to make something else instead.  

Arabella Chickie in Lavrio, Greece


Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a clever cookie! How gorgeous! Will have to send you along to Corinne for icing classes when you next take up residence in Auckland. She creates these little creatures from icing and is a truly gifted artist. You'll get along famously.

April Blackbird

Sheila, The Dreamer said...

That is ADORABLE!!!! And the whole point of inspiration is you take just enough of the idea and make it your own!!!! I love it!