09 February 2011

Once upon a time ago, a very, very long time ago...

There lived an airy faerie young maiden whose feet seldom touched the earth and whose head was all too frequently in the clouds. She spent a lot of time singing 'one day my prince will come' (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) as she gazed out of her window at the power stations on the horizon.

The faeries must have been listening because one night, at a 21st birthday party for her youngest uncle, the door opened and there stood her prince.  Sure, he'd arrived in his trusty Morris Minor instead of on a black steed with a wild mane, but then this maiden was terrified of horses anyway so it didn't really matter.

"Come with me!" exclaimed her mother, as she grabbed the young maiden by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen for a pow wow.  "Do you see that chap that just walked in the door? You're going to marry him one day!"  Right!  As if!  The young maiden hadn't even spoken one word to him, never mind been introduced.

It didn't take much fluttering of the maiden's extra long Mary Quant 'wannabee' false eyelashes to entice the young prince to dance the night away with her.  And, man... could he ever but dance! 

The mother was right.  The maiden married her prince five years later and they have lived happily together for the last 37 years.  Four children, three weddings, three grand-children, two major immigrations and many big moves and some challenges later they still dance the night away at every opportunity.

Hardly a night goes by that her prince doesn't play her to sleep while strumming his guitar.  He still brings her flowers (and sometimes unexpected bottles of bubbly just so they can continue their tradition of celebrating 'life') and they still talk the hind leg of that donkey.  

He's just arrived home and it's our anniversary so we'll leave this faerie story now... just wanted to say that it pays to ask the faeries for what you want :)

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

What a lovely story and 37 years... wow! You guys are such a great inspiration to us kids : )


ChickieChirps said...

This is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

Unknown said...

Wow! What a beautiful story!! So romantic. I loved it.
Alicia xx

Anonymous said...

Aahh, thank you sweet ladies. I did so enjoy writing it.

The story continues, you see... because when I opened the door for my prince he had a big bottle of bubbly under his arm and a huge cheesy grin upon his dial.

He really enjoyed the special potroast that I made him (inspired by my mum, God bless her soul) and we had a truly lovely evening together.