22 October 2010

Slacking off...

Wow, if anybody had told me the days would wizz by so I wouldn't have believed them.  Which is my excuse for slacking off on the business of posting.

It seems one or the other of us has been ill ever since I arrived.  Just when we thought we were out of the woods our littlest boy picked up some tummy bug that had him depositing his dinner all over his cot and his parents bed three times last night.  We've been changing nappies far too often too and he's obviously had a headache 'cos he keeps squeezing his little eyes shut and resting his head against the softest surface available.  He's sleeping at the moment and I'm hoping he'll feel a whole lot better when he wakes up.

Our 'tonsil' princess is recovering well. It's been a week since her op and despite very wakeful nights, things seem to be progressing well.  She has got even thinner and that voice has gone up a few octaves.

I do have some lovely 'places I have been' stories, but they're going to have to wait until I return to Sydney on the 3rd November.  Yes, my return has been delayed.  Another story for another day.

Must go and keep my dad company now, he's been keeping himself busy with a magazine, but I know he'd love a cuppa.  Oh yes, I have some lovely photos of him with his littlest great grandson.  Too, too cute.

April Blackbird

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ChickieChirps said...

Oo, not liking the sound of the sore heads and where-tonsils-used-to-be. I'm so pleased you were able to be there with them all to make it so much smoother. Loving having you over on our side for a bit longer!