10 October 2010

Rainy days and Mondays

Phew!  An Arctic wind has blown down over Lavrio the last few days and we've scrambled like mad to gather all our warm woollies together from various locations and raced to the shops to buy some more hats and goodies for our little chick.  I was getting about wearing a couple of tee shirts, a thin jumper and thongs with jeans... but had to concede that I'd just have to go to our apartment and gather up the winter things I'd carefully unpacked into the cupboards there, and bring them back to the hotel.
About to do another trip to collect an even warmer winter coat and more shoes.  But we worked out the central heating last night in our hotel room which has made an enormous difference.

A small friend was trapped inside the netting over our chick's cot last night, so he woke up this morning having been nibbled and munched and with four great mozzie welts on his face.  Doesn't seem bothered!  Though the mosquito was a little bothered and it turned out, had a limited time to live.

Off today to unpack some more bags, put up some curtains and unravel some rugs the right way around.
Nesting at its finest!

Looking forward to seeing April Blackbird this week!  What a lovely surprise to be able to meet her!

Bookie bird.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the poor little thing! Now that summer is approaching here I guess we are going to have to start thinking about such critters as well. NMC