26 October 2010

Cot Bumper Version #1

I have just realized the pain of a 19th century seamstress, sans thimble of any note,  following my ambitious attempt to sew a cot bumper together (made of Ikea fleeces and acrylic wool so it's washable and not shrinkable).  A very satisfied little camper, but a very sore finger and thumb!!  In very urgent need of a designer thimble before attempting such a task again.   I do feel that my creative needs have been fulfilled for this week, however, and know it wouldn't have been the same labour of love to whip it up quickly and efficiently on the new toy Arabella and I have purchased!

I have been known to make costumes for parties using duct tape and staples, so in light of those efforts (some of which stayed together for the night, some for a little longer) the cot bumper is an unadulterated success and likely to last until at least Christmas!

My little chick is a happy camper with his replacement, and the bamboo blanket and chip clips can be retired back to their respective homes.   A super safe noggin.


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ChickieChirps said...

It's great! Glad you got some creative time in : )