26 October 2010

Have sewing machine - must sew

Now that Bookie Bird and I have invested in a basic sewing machine, I have been itching to sew something... 

My first project turned out to be round cushions that appear to have no actual use, but you would not believe how much calculation went in to calculating the exact pattern size of each segment to make a perfect ball - which I then ruined anyway by adding buttons at each end!   Of course, I could have just free-handed a segment to use as a pattern, but the Squary in me (see below) would just not let me.  I now know the various names for parts of a circle such as the chord, the arc, the segment etc... and have relearned how to calculate circumference, diameter and area of a circle.  An unbelievable amount of mental work for something so trivial!!!

Bird rather likes them though...

In spite of the fact that I consider myself to be a Squary rather than a Roundy (from Roger Hargreaves "I'm a Roundy. You're a Squary"), I still have a fascination  for all things round.  The new and useless cushion balls are very tactile and actually make rather good head pillows when you are lying on the couch watching TV.  The smaller one also makes a pretty good throwing ball!

And no, for the thousandth time no dear husband they are not pumpkins!!!  I just happened to have orange Ikea fabric.

Arabella Chickie in Lavrio, Greece


Anonymous said...

Well I think you are rather clever! I always admire anyone who can focus on a task that requires so much attention to detail, I have no patience at all. Also like your bumpers, very industrious. Have you moved into apartment yet?

ChickieChirps said...

Hi NMC - Yes, we're in a real home! It's wonderful :)