19 July 2010

Trials and Tribulations #3

I'm sitting here with little Chickie strapped to my chest, fast asleep, drooling all over me and mucous running down her nose!  Reminiscent of her earlier "reflux" days when this was the only way I could get her to sleep and also get anything done at the same time (minus the mucous though).  Chickie has been sick for the past few days with a cold, chest infection and ear infection. She is also teething. My poor baby! It is awful to have to watch her suffer and not really be able to do a huge amount for her other than keep administering all the various medications, and try and keep her comfy! I have just lathered her in baby Vicks to try and help her breathe a little easier, and it's working wonders on my clogged nose too.

I was saying to April Blackbird yesterday (who has been taking her fair share of shifts holding Chickie upright so she can sleep) how grateful I am for antibiotics. In the olden days a chest infection could have been the end of the road for a little one! I am also amazed at my babies ability to keep smiling even though she feels really lousy. She had the entire waiting room at the doctors enthralled on Sat morning, as she turned on her most charming behaviour (this is a little socialite we have here). She even managed to muster a few (quite average by her standards) raspberries to the delight of her audience! Aaah ...

Arabella visited Chickie when she was just teeny and a tad on the grumpy side! She had just discovered that she could scream, really scream, and was trying it on big time. Fortunately she has mellowed into quite a happy little person who just loves being out and about! She still has the ability to scream though, except now she has developed an entire range of different screams and squeals and loves nothing more than to experiment with them, delighting herself with her results! Chickie definitely has a temper though (That be the Irish in her) and has a particular scream she now reserves for mum when she wants to let me know in no uncertain terms just what she thinks). Oh boy ... the toddler years should be interesting!!

Bookie-bird, I bought myself the Buddhism for Mothers you recommended, and have started reading it now that I have to sit holding bubs upright for hours on end. So far so good, quite enjoyable! Some might say it was fortuitous timing that I bought the book the very day Chickie came down ill ... clearly someone knew I was going to be needing some calm, patience and understanding. This has happened the very week I needed it least - having a million things to achieve before we head off on our skiing holiday and I am also at a 3 day course later this week. But for now I am going to go put my feet up and keep reading until Chickie wakes up!

New Mum Chick


Anonymous said...

You are a brave soul! This is the first illness I dread as I watch my little chick breath only through his nose... and wonder what it will be like when he is all snuffly. Well done you, great solutions for sleeping.
I've also obtained a very handy looking 'snot sucker' for want of a more elegant term. Apparently one can put saline in it and irrigate, and then the nasty green goo comes out more easily.
Loving the squeals and general experimentation with chatting - it is so different from those early days of slightly squashed, teensy baby time when they are so unable to communicate.
How exciting it must be to be learning to communicate for the first time ever!
Glad you liked the Buddhism book. :)

ChickieChirps said...

Poor little chickie! Hope she is all good now : )