16 July 2010

Loving Food

After coming home from the weighing station at the pharmacy - I've discovered I have a potential heavyweight champion of the world chickadee.  A mere 450 grams put on over the 5 weeks up to July 1st, but an enormous 800 grams in the past two weeks!

I was also brave enough to set foot on said scales half hoping the rumours and myths about breastfeeding being a great diet, would be true.  Hmm, the wee printed receipt mocked me with the exact same weight as I have been since I had the little chap and the reminder that things are definitely not where they used to be.   

But with a sigh, and as I continue with my breastfeeding marathon and am constantly reminded of my need to eat well, I wanted to share some beautiful foodie spots which I love to look at. :)

And, needless to say, will continue to enjoy cooking from ... 

And one of the best for last...

Enjoy some yummy goodies! 

Bookie - bird.

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Anonymous said...

It's after five and I haven't taken anything out for dinner... had a look at the chocolate and zucchini site and am now inspired... I have zucchini, black tomatoes, olives, red onions and some roast pork... definitely the makings for a pasta.

Thanks for the inspiration :)

April Blackbird