21 July 2010

Adverblog: UNICEF Installs Dirty Water Vending Machine In Manhattan

Adverblog: UNICEF Installs Dirty Water Vending Machine In Manhattan

Clean drinking water is one of the things most of us take for granted. Take a look at this video to see what you're missing out on by living in the developed world. You too could be giving your children filthy, germ laden water...

I love this advert for UNICEF, it's intelligent and thinks outside of the square. Definitely worth a watch. Definitely worth a contribution.

Oh yes, this is my 'Attitude of Gratitude' posting for this week. I am unbelievably grateful for the miracle of clean drinking water. I live in Sydney where a lot of people are a bit paranoid about drinking tap water, but I think the water quality here is amazing and I'd rather drink tap water than water that comes in plastic bottles.

April Blackbird

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Anonymous said...

Right there with you - plus the plastics that most bottles are made of that carry our precious 'pure natural spring water' are questionable. Not sure though that the new BPA free plastics have been researched that thoroughly!
We are SO lucky to live as we do in Australia.

Read recently that Lead and Cadmium levels are high in the groundwater in the areas of Greece we're going... I'm guessing bottled water there!