28 July 2010

Living in the present moment

I've having the most divine day of solo time, the perfect day of pottering about with my little chick in the background making all sorts of whoops and shouts and generally discovering his voice.

 New Mum Chick, I'm sending LOADS of moral support thoughts your way as you deal with that challenge of green goo and a little Snuffleupagus  (  I'm dreading it....  Love that the chirping and chatting continues throughout such trauma!

Interesting to talk about the Buddhism book after just having spent this week with some gorgeous family who are very 'busy'.  They are so loved, taking them as they are, but so hectic that it becomes sometimes impossible to remain calm when they bluster in and out.

On one particular visit, I talked with my gorgeous aunt about living in the present moment.  How much babies and little children teach us about learning how to play again.  Learning not to fall into the "I'll just do this one thing" trap too much and remembering to spend time just gazing at your little person.  Letting them touch your face as you speak and singing with them and talking back in their language.   She did do so after finishing the pesto whizzing, the clothes folding and the ironing for her, at times very demanding husband - so mission accomplished!

I just wanted to try because they will see so little of our little chick as he grows and all that other stuff is not so important.  I did speak with my special friend, Arabella today about this though and she reminded me of the importance of letting little folk learn to play solo -  yes, yes, yes!  I only hope as a new mother that I'm not making too many mistakes in integral behavioural areas like that.

Took our chick for his first swim in the Mediterranean last weekend.  What a bemused little screwed up face he had to start with!  Though soon worked out that it was quite fun indeed - and that the nude time on the towel was definitely his cup of tea.  Doesn't love the small blow up pool on our terrace yet though.  I'm guessing it's too chilly...

April Blackbird, thank you so much for the info on Malaria.  Phew.  Knew it was a problem but one that obviously needs lots more thinking about before we decide to go.  I believe the malaria mozzies are the night-time mozzies but I'm sure they are not discerning when it comes to watching the clock!

Ah, the learning.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your thoughts Bookie-Bird. I enjoyed your post. It is HARD living in the moment but so important, they grow up too fast!! I think as a mum you constantly question your parenting skills and ability to get the balance right... making sure they have enough 1:1 time but also solo time, enough stimulation but no 'over' stimulation etc etc. Quite the juggling act. I think so long as we love them heaps and heaps and nurture their spirit etc then that has to balance all our inevitable mistakes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much NMC. Hmm, all the questions. But I think we're doing okay with the juggling if they are smiling and growing and as you say, giving a chance for their little spirit to develop.
I feel so blessed to have this opportunity!