23 April 2012

I have a Copicendium to give away!

Hello!!!  Sorry this has taken me so long to post... yesterday was my husband's birthday and today we were working, so I was a bit too busy to blog.  

Anyway, I said earlier in the week that I have a copy of the latest Copicendium by Sammi at Mad for Markers to give away, and here it is!

Here's what Sammi says about it:

Copicendium - volume 3


A mini magazine/ ideas book... chocked full of inspiration.
This volume of Copicendium is an A5 booklet (20pages) showcasing projects created using Copic markers with a special focus on Birthday creations.

If you want to win my spare copy of the Copicendium, just leave a comment on this post telling me what you like do with all the cards you make.    You know... do you hoard them, do you send them to people, do you give them away etc...  I really want to know!

I will randomly draw a winner on Wednesday 25th April.




angelwhispers said...

My word Arabella what a fab give away!

Well I do sell my cards, give them away and hoard them mostly as I have a confidence issue and feel that they really aren't that good! But then I suppose most of us are like that!! Love Chanelle xxx

Anita said...

I use to be really bad at hoarding them except the ones I made for my grandson. But then the stacks grew sooo large. So now, I send some, give some away, donate some. And I still have way too many lol! Thanks for a chance to win ;)

Jennifer said...

Such a great mag of ideas! I'd love to peek inside the pages! I personally would love to sell some of my cards, but I just keep finding people to give them to....I guess that's what I'm meant to do with them.

Sherry said...

I give most of my cards out for encouragement but tend to horde my favorite ones.

Carla S. said...

Thanks for the chance to win, Arabella! Sadly, I have bins and bins of cards I've made. I try to send and donate as many as I can, but I still have loads!

Cely said...

Wowie! Thanks for the chance to win this. :) I have a stash of cards that I hoard, a stash that I display (sent from other bloggers!), but most of the cards I make gets sent to friends and family :)

cely_rohr at hotmail dot com

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Hope your hubby had a great birthday :) Thanks for the chance to win a copicendium! Hmm...I am really bad...I have nowhere to put my cards so they sit on every surface possible in my house lol! I have no idea what to do with them all - if you have a good idea let me know! :)

Anja said...

Hi Arabella,
thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for the chance to win this give away (how matching - it's my birthday on Wednesday). Most of my cards, I send to my family and friends and some I display in my tiny craft room.
Hugs, Anja

MAGDA said...

Hola Arabella, con las tarjetas pues algunas veces las hago pensando en la persona a la que se la voy a regalar ,pero la mayoria las hago por que me gusta hacer tarjetas y las tengo acumuladas, esperando una oportunidad para regalarla, tambien me gustaria poder intercambiar alguna tarjeta contigo ,pues las que tu haces son preciosas.Que te parece?. Un saludo Magdalena

Carly said...

oohhh what a lovely prize. I do a bit of everything with the cards I make.

Some I hoard ... I just love them to much!

Most I give away or give as 'gifts'.

I often make up 'sets' of cards and give them as a gift ... leaving them blank so that the receiver can use them to give to people ....

xoxoxox Carly

Bhawana said...

I do sell my cards. And also are being sent to family n friends on bday and anniversary occasions.


Christy Beans said...

Before I was on any DTs, I made cards when I had someone/some purpose to make one so I didn't keep any. Now that I have DT assignment cards, my mother actually ends up hoarding those when she can since I can keep those and show them to her... and she doesn't always give them back. LOL Hopefully some day when my skills get better, I'll feel more comfortable donating and selling so I can make more. =)

Tracy said...

Well, a few of my creations manage to make it to friends and family, but I'm sad to say that I'm a hoarder. LOL I have three rather large boxes full and need to find a fourth. :-) I've never seen one of these magazines but it looks really cool. Hugs!