16 October 2011

My first Greek Pita Pastry

Hello!  It's Sunday here and it's lovely to have the weekend off work even though it is a bit cold and grey outside!  I just wanted to pop in and share a picture of my first attempt at making Greek Pita Pastry.  

Last summer on the boat, the boss's mother in law showed my how to make Greek spinakopita, but I was so engrossed in watching and learning that I didn't manage to record the details very well and I didn't have time to try making it myself while it was still fresh in my memory, so this summer I asked her to show me again and I wrote it all down properly.  She's so lovely... she even gave me a new rolling pin to make it with!  She will be chuffed that I have finally had an attempt to make it myself.

Here's how it turned out:

My husband loved it!  It was so nice to make my own pastry... and not have it as greasy as a lot of the bought pastries tend to be!  I think I will definitely do it again in future!  Next time I think I will add a touch more salt and I will baste the top before cooking.  I'm just so amazed that it turned out!  Making savoury flaky pastry was something that it never really occurred to me was possible by the average cook!

The filling I used was just something I made up... not very traditionally Greek, but it was rather tasty... It was poached chicken (I had some leftover frozen in the freezer), ricotta, sauteed leeks, bacon and red onion, some dried thyme and a dash of parmesan and a couple of eggs.

Anyway, that's it from me.  I'm off to make some cards and cushions for our bed!

Oooh and I hear that NZ just won their semi final rugby game!  Yay the All Blacks!

Arabella Chickie in Glyfada, Greece


Anonymous said...

I can vouch that this was delish. Superb filling too. BB

Anonymous said...

My favourite food. Yayy. Something to look forward to next October ... AB