20 October 2011

A little travel bug #4 Cabrera, Balearic Islands.

And with a little glimpse into Spain, I return to the blogging scene.  It's time!

My passionate venture into working for Ark is almost at an end, and I have a lot of free time in my schedule that has been freed up by not one, but two angels who come to my house to watch my little chick for a few hours a week.  I am in a new world of time for coffee, for writing, and for long talks with my friend Arabella, which have been sorely missed.

I have been truly spoiled this week with a grand dinner on Saturday night - one very excited little person and one very delicious Peking duck.  Fabulous company, a little pre-warming of a very nice new apartment, and a swanky cocktail and oh-so-delicious beef for a wee birthday celebration.
This sort of feeling is one to bottle.  Time management.  I might blog about it.

That, or parenting.   Hmm.  Are there already so many wonderful parenting bloggers out there?  Do the others have the answer to the great time management dilemma that faces new parents in foreign countries?   Perhaps I shall do a little thinking and see what I come up with.

Until then, I did want to share the most beautiful place with you that my former life as superyacht crew allowed me to experience.

The island of Cabrera is just off Mallorca, uninhabited and previously used to house French prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars.  Not an enormous success with only 3600 surviving of the original 9000.  Cabrera is now a National park and marine sanctuary and in a sea which is not known for its marine life, this islet is a delightful refuge from the frenetic fishing ports of Palma de Mallorca and busy yachting anchorages surrounding all the Balearic Islands.

Boats are provided with permits for a maximum of two nights and there is a battle upon arrival when the bow of a large superyacht nudges into the small bay and is forced to negotiate in shouted, broken Spanish with much smaller fishing vessels that squat on the buoys.

The view from the fort is magnificent.

The water is a deep, bright blue and the fish contrast against it in black and flashes of silver.   When you jump from the bow of a very large yacht into the depths, you can only imagine the sea-bed.  It requires a big breath and a whole lot of bravado for those not so great at spontaneous water entry. 
It is a pure, quiet place.  

Bookie bird - in Voula, Greece.   On her birthday with a tummy full of decadent once-a-year chocolate cake made by her friend Arabella.


Arabella said...

Beautiful photos BB! I wish we had made it there! We have never really explored the waters around Mallorca.

Glad you enjoyed your special cake!


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday! Wonderful to hear you're back on the scene again! Enjoy the new apartment... will look forward to hearing more of your travels.

By the way... being a 'first time mum' is a lesson in time management no matter where you are in the world... no matter what help you have/haven't got. It'll pass. Before you know it you'll be going to his uni graduation. So just enjoy this moment.

Love, hugs xxx AB

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday to you! Hope you are enjoying the new apartment too! Must be nice to be a little more central now and closer to all the action, so to speak! Hope little chick is well. Don't they grow fast?? And I agree with you, time management is a tough one. I have started to think of it as rotating my priorities. Sometimes the cleaning gets priority, sometimes, the washing, ironing, me, someone else, something else, I just keep on rotating, and that way sooner or later I get to everything, sometimes just a little later or a little less than I'd like. But I've stopped worrying so much about it all, and try to just roll with it. And I'm learning to embrace dirt (well just a little) :) Lots love NMC xx

RiNNE said...

Belated happy birthday!! Glad you are getting some time for yourself. And that you enjoyed the cake that the fabulous Arabella has made for you. Lovely pics!

ChickieChirps said...

Thank you for all your gorgeous comments, you have inspired me to blog more!
Not sure it will be on time management as I'll have to rotate my priorities (I love that, NMC) to include blogging so I may not be the best advocate for the subject.
But I'm getting better at it and I had to seriously re-assess following stewardessing to 'allow' the flow of life rather than be consumed with keeping everything clean. I think my son has inherited my desire to be surrounded by things in balance and order.... he shouts ' cleaning! cleaning!' and has an unreasonably enthusiastic relationship with Vera the vacuum cleaner. We continue to work on that one.

Thank you all, have beautiful days.
BB in Voula.