30 May 2011

A little travel bug #1. Imperia Oneglia - Italy

In light of the lack of card-making I have been doing, away from my little house in Lavrio for three whole months...(now home, and loving it), I have decided to share some of the most beautiful places with you that I have been most fortunate to see recently.

  I am the luckiest girl, and now am thrilled to be able to show our little chick all sorts of exotic parts of the world, from down at his level.

The small streets of Imperia

We reason that these Italians likely don't crave space as they've only ever known this lovely intimate living.  As Australian and African, my chicco and I, we love the sweep of green hills, the shade of towering trees and lots of space...

The height of the Paraiso in Imperia is quite remarkable, accessed by walking up the steep hills in a maze of glimpsed views, or taken more quickly by glass elevators which extend from the marina to the Cathedral of San Maurizio at the top.  Some of the homes in this remarkable part of Imperia are crumbling. 

The primary lift (Ascensore ) from the Marina Porto Maurizio 

San Maurizio Cathedral.
Many, many all sorts of random times. One can imagine the Italians all know exactly what they mean and what they are being called to celebrate.

This walkway was deserted and the sun low in the sky in the afternoon when we walked here.  I could imagine the nuns or monks, dark habits whispering about their hidden legs,  through these coridoors of the Santa Chiara Convent atop the Paraiso.

What a beautiful place.  The people are what have made it so special, from being welcomed into the home of new friends and sharing a feast of food and wine, to an invitation into the home of a stranger for an aperitif of Pastis, simply because we shared the lift en route our little apartment.  

We look forward to returning here sometime soon, with wide smiles.

Bookie Bird in Lavrio, Greece.


ChickieChirps said...

Lovely photos BB! We just said a final goodbye to Mario and Checco on the boat tonight and I think they were sad to say goodbye. They thanked US for our hospitality! I couldn't believe it! They have been such lovely welcoming hosts for us!

Anonymous said...

Love your post BB! There's nothing quite like 'online' armchair travel... so many places to see in this world yet!

Hey, the Catholics ring the bell for prayers frequently during the day... when I attended the convent as a little girl, we stopped frequently for prayers (when the bells reminded us it was time).



ChickieChirps said...

Ah fabulous to solve that mystery! Thank you.
I'll look forward to sharing more armchair travel with you shortly!