29 March 2011

The continuation of the 'non-toy' tradition

hello my fellow chickies,
Just felt I wanted to pop in a post as I've seen Arabella posting away like a little legend with all her cards and wanted to keep her company.

I'm in beautiful Melbourne where the weather is divine and I'm getting a great dose of family and gorgeous friends...and exhaustion!  Phew, the solo travel is a bit harder than expected!  But my little chick continues to behave beautifully most of the time, only pausing to complain following three jabs or a bit of a cold.

He's walking enthusiastically now and leaving all sorts of chair legs and stable spots behind to launch off into the great unknown.  He did attempt a full flight of curved stairs today which we did do together after his first ten or so attempts at the bottom five steps alone.

Thought you'd enjoy this one - a) my boy in a seriously mismatched stripe arrangement (the things you wear in the country!) and b) the choice of toys.  A bucket of corks and a cat food tin....
Have lovely days!

Bookie Bird


ChickieChirps said...

Oooh corks! Great idea!


Anonymous said...

Unless you decide they look like something yummy to eat (don't suppose they taste any worse than some 'healthy' breads :) ) - sounds like you're having an amazing time BB.

Hugs to all.